Artemis Fowl on Disney Plus

Artemis Fowl on Disney Plus
Courtesy of Disney

Disney released its newest movie Artemis Fowl on Disney Plus Friday. The newest Disney movie combines adventure and fantasy for a perfect family movie night.

Where Can I Watch Artemis Fowl?

After releasing the movie trailer in November 2018, Disney scheduled the release first to August 2019, then May 2020. With theaters closing to deal with the global pandemic, the long-awaited movie was released straight to Disney+ on June 12, 2020.

Artemis Fowl on Disney Plus
Courtesy of Disney

Quick Movie Review

Although I’ve read several less than glowing reviews, my family found the movie entertaining. The Disney Plus movie was our first experience with the Artemis Fowl series. Coming from fresh eyes, the storyline and suspenseful situations were entertaining. And the visuals were gorgeous. 

I found myself wondering if the Fowl Manor is on Air B&B, because I could spend the whole summer on that beach during the day and devouring that huge library at night.

Disney’s Artemis Fowl Official Movie Trailer

If you haven’t seen the official trailer yet and you want to see if the movie is somethign your family would enjoy, I’ve shared it below. Just look at those amazing visual graphics!

Artemis Fowl Activity Packet

To kick your family movie night up a notch, Disney has provided a ten-page Artemis Fowl: Genius at Home Activity Packet. It’s filled with fun things like a Gnommish decoder activity, a Fowl Manor puzzle, Gnommish sudoku, brainteasers, and trading cards.

artemis fowl on disney plus

Hidden Mickey Alert

Spotting hidden Mickeys is a fun part of watching Disney movies. To help you get started, here’s one to watch for in Artemis Fowl on Disney Plus.

When the fairy, Holly Short, is using the Aculos and the camera starts spinning, make sure you catch the hidden Mickey that appears as the magical device begins to glow!

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