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Disney World Height Requirements

There’s no doubt Disney World is a popular family vacation destination, but how do parents know if their kiddo is tall enough for the rides & attractions? Get all the details with this Disney World height requirements guide!

Disney Parks has a handy tool to help plan your trip. And with safety as their priority, Disney has determined the height guide requirements below for their attractions. 

Riding Attractions with Little Ones at Disney

Below you’ll find the height guide for all 4 Disney Parks and both water parks listed by location to help make sure your magical trip is safe the whole family.

Take Turns Riding

Disney makes it easy for each person in your party to enjoy rides. Even when your smallest travelers have to pass on a ride due to minimum height guide requirements, Disney has a solution. 

Your group can enjoy rides using the Rider Switch pass, even if little ones can’t ride. Rider Switch allows your travel party to split into 2 groups, so each can ride while the other hangs out with little ones. After the first group rides, the second group can then ride.

This allows an adult to stay with the child while keeping the riders, in addition to the kiddo who can’t ride, happy.  Win-win, right?

A little break from the hustle and bustle is also a great way to get a few fun pictures together or enjoy a special snack while waiting to trade riders.

Entertainment While Waiting

To help things go smoothly when switching riders, I suggest having a plan that involves making things fun for the little ones. If you’re first group is going to ride Tower of Terror, plan for everyone to get seats to the Beauty and the Beast stage show to keep the littlest travelers entertained.

Similarly, try to schedule the ride around a stroller nap or mealtime and take turns sitting with the baby. If you have older kids and a little one, hitting shows or rides that your older kids aren’t interested in is a perfect solution too.

Another fun idea, if you’re ride swapping in the Magic Kingdom, is to visit the Tangled rest area to do the free hidden Pascals scavenger hunt. I have all the details, including a section with spoiler-free clues and a section with clues & photos in case you need help. It’s a fun, engaging activity that parents (and older kids) can switch in and out from easily.

Split Up for a Few Hours

Go into the trip knowing that you will, in fact, need to split up sometimes. During our first trips to Disney World, I was adamant everyone stays together so we could enjoy everything as a family.

It wasn’t realistic of me to expect we’d all vacation the same way. As the kids have gotten older we split up more often, allowing everyone to do and see their favorite things. 

My husband and I are even able to grab a nice dinner together most trips while our kids are swimming or grabbing a quick service meal. And you know what? We all go home much happier than the days when I made everyone stay together 24/7. Don’t hesitate to try new ideas while visiting the parks.

Disney World Height Requirements by The Everyday Mouse

Disney Safety

Cast Members will measure all guests who appear to be close to the required height for each attraction. They will not allow anyone who falls under the stated height guide (or above is some cases) to board the ride.

Be aware that they will measure at every ride. Some rides even have multiple height guide stops within the queue. I’ve seen families stopped at the second stop by a different Cast Member and not quite measure up. What a let down.

Again, please remember that these requirements are for the safety of your kiddos and are a part of life.

It’s best to go over the list below and set realistic expectations for what your child can expect to ride before you leave home. Nothing is less fun than a meltdown front of a ride. With a smart plan in place, everyone will be excited about their trip and the things they get to do.

Disney World Height Requirements by The Everyday Mouse

Disney World Height Requirements

Animal Kingdom Park

Disney World Height Requirements by The Everyday Mouse


Disney World Height Requirements by The Everyday Mouse

Hollywood Studios Park

Disney World Height Requirements by The Everyday Mouse

Magic Kingdom

Disney World Height Requirements by The Everyday Mouse

Disney World Waterparks

Blizzard Beach

Typhoon Lagoon

Disney Springs Attractions

Disney World Trip Planning

Having a great trip with kids of all ages and heights is totally doable when you’re armed with the Disney World height requirements before you head to the Disney Parks. To help you plan the best family vacation, I’ve collected a few of my favorite posts to share with you. Happy planning!

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