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Eating Healthy at Disney World

Walt Disney World is not necessarily the place where diets go to die. You may think that being on vacation means putting a hold on healthy living, but Disney makes sure you have choices. There are plenty of healthy options on the menus now at Walt Disney World, including a whole new line of plant-based entrees for you to enjoy. If you plan to stay on your diet at Disney World it’s easy to do. Here are five simple tips to help you succeed.

Bring Your Own Snacks

This may be an obvious suggestion, but many people don’t know that it is okay to take your own snacks into the Disney parks. Pack your favorite healthy snacks, and when hunger strikes you will know that you have a couple of immediate snacking options. This is usually a money-saving tip, but you can benefit from snacks that are already a part of your diet like fruit or protein bars. Having a healthy snack with you can be very helpful when you are hungry and unsure of what your healthy meal options are nearby in the parks.

Plan Your Meals

Avoid the predicament of not knowing where to go for meals by planning your meals out ahead of time Disney makes it easy to plan your meals as you plan your trip, and this can make it possible for you to see and do more since you know where to go for your next meal. There are plenty of restaurants in the parks with healthy options and you can even see the menu’s online as you are planning your trip.

Locate the Fruit Stands

Another surprising thing about Walt Disney World is the number of fruit stands there are. Sure, you’ll find plenty of funnel cakes and ice cream, but there is more of a focus on healthy eating than many Disney visitors realize. Every Park has plenty of fruit stands for picking up a healthy snack, so look for them as you strive to stay on your diet while vacationing at Disney World.

Contact the Restaurants

Another thing you can do if you have a very demanding or strict diet is to call the restaurant you plan to eat at. You can also leave comments for the staff when booking your reservation. If you have any allergies, this is critical to making sure there is no cross-contamination so that your food remains safe. Disney restaurants all have extensive allergy menus, and they will work with you personally to make sure they make something that you can safely enjoy while you are vacationing at Walt Disney World.

Cook Your Own Meals

Last but not least, the best way to keep your diet at Disney World is to cook your own meals. Luckily, this is possible at some of the Disney resorts. For example, the Disney Vacation Club villas, have a full kitchen to work with. Depending on the type of room you book you will have a refrigerator and possibly a microwave. Fort Wilderness guests enjoy the luxury of an outdoor grill for cooking and a little picnic area. If you would like to cook while you are on vacation at Walt Disney World, you should book your resort using that option as a part of your criteria.

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