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Celebrate Christmas with the Cutest Minnie Holiday Bundt Cake

Are you looking for an amazing Disney dessert to share with your friends and family this Christmas? Then this holiday bundt cake is the recipe for you. These individual Minnie Mouse bundt cakes are beautifully decorated and your holiday guests will be so impressed that you made them yourself. 

Easy Christmas Bundt Cake

These bundtlets are perfect for the holidays, and this recipe will show you exactly how to decorate a bundt cake for Christmas. They look like they came from a bakery or specialty shop but these Christmas bundt cakes are homemade by you 

There is a bit of prep work for these super cute treats, so you’ll need to plan ahead. To make these mini bundt cakes you will need a mini bundt cake pan like this one. You will also need to make your Minnie mouse fondant ears before preparing your cake so the fondant ears can sit out overnight to harden. 

How to Make Minnie Ears

To make your Minnie ears, you will need red and black fondant. Dust your cutting board with powdered sugar, and use a paintbrush to paint the bow mold with powdered sugar.

Use your hands to mold the red fondant until it is pliable, and push 1 ½ tsp of red fondant into the bow mold. Allow it to sit for five minutes before removing the bow from the mold. Let the bows sit overnight. 

For the black fondant, knead the dough on the cutting board until it is pliable. Once it is pliable, roll it out into ¼” thickness and use your fondant circle cutter to cut out 24 circles for Minnie’s ears. Allow your ears to sit out overnight to harden. 

Red Velvet Bundt Cake

For your red velvet bundt cake, you will need a box of red velvet cake mix, sour cream, water, mayo, eggs, oil, and vanilla extract. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, and use a stand mixer to mix all of the ingredients together. Fill the mini bundt cake pans ¾ full and bake for 21 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. 

For your cream cheese frosting you will need cream cheese softened, powdered sugar, softened butter, vanilla extract, Christmas sprinkles, a piping bag with a star tip, and white chocolate melting wafers. Put the white chocolate wafers in a microwave-safe bowl and melt in 30-second increments, stirring in between. 

Once the white chocolate is melted, put it in your piping bag and pipe the white chocolate onto the top of your Christmas bundt cakes. Sprinkle with your red and green Christmas sprinkles before the white chocolate hardens. 

Place all of your remaining cream cheese frosting ingredients in a stand mixer and beat until combined. Once it is smooth, place the frosting into your piping bag, and place a dollop on top of each bundt cake. Now it is time to add your bundt cake decorations. Place two chocolate circles for ears on each bundt cake with your Minnie Mouse bow in the middle. 

Minnie Mouse holiday bundt cake

These holiday bundt cakes are delicious and they look absolutely amazing. Just like a dessert that you would buy at one of the Disney parks during the Christmas season. These would be perfect for serving at a Christmas party this year, as a dessert to treat your family, or as part of this year’s Christmas dinner!

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