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Jungle Cruise River Boat Craft

The Jungle Cruise at Walt Disney World is a favorite among Disney fans. Young or just young at heart, it’s a great attraction for guests of all ages. Enjoy a bit of Disney Parks fun at home with this Jungle Cruise River Boat paper craft.

Jungle Cruise River Boat Paper Craft

This Jungle Cruise River Boat Craft was part of the Disney Paper Parks Magical Moments series. It’s a bit more complicated craft, so it might be better suited for older kids and adults, but with some help younger children can enjoy this Disney craft as well.

How to Make a Jungle Cruise River Boat


  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils


To get started, cut the solid lines of all the boat pieces. Then cut a slit at the roof line (in the canopy area) of the boat walls for when we attach the top canopy of the boat.

At the front of the boat, pinch the two end flaps together to create a point, use glue to secure in place.

Assemble and insert the boat benches.

Then put the top canopy together. Insert the flaps to slide through the slits on the walls and then glue down to the sides of the boat.

Cut a piece of straw, matching the height of the boat, from base to canopy, inserting through the holes.

Decorate with the holiday wreath for the Christmas holidays and enjoy!

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