Jungle Cruise Sudoku Printable

What’s more fun than puzzles? A Disney themed puzzle, of course! This Jungle Cruise Sudoku printable is the perfect way to entertain young Disney fans who love solving puzzles.

I have created a fun and challenging free Disney printable puzzle that will keep your children entertained while also teaching them some new math and logic skills.

The palm leaves and iconic Jungle Cruise sign decorate the page while a venomous snake (Why does it always have to be snakes?) guards the game board daring your littlest adventurers to be careful as they navigate the puzzle.

Jungle Cruise Sudoku for Kids

With a river boat, golden idol, suitcases, and skipper hat game pieces in play, success hinges on being able to complete the rows and columns without repeating the same symbol.

What’s Included in the Download?

The free set based on the popular ride (and recent live action movie) in Disney’s Magic Kingdom includes a sudoku board, 4 game pieces, a blank sudoku grid, a page of extra pieces, and an answer sheet.

Ways to Use the Free Sudoku PDF

Enjoy the Disney Jungle Cruise printable in a few ways:

  • Complete the puzzle following traditional sudoku rules.
  • Use the blank Sudoku grid and extra pieces to make variations that your kids can solve.

How to Play Jungle Cruise Sudoku

Sudoku Rules

Use the pieces to complete the puzzle making sure that each row and column only has one of each object in it.


  • One printable for each each skipper
  • Safety scissors
  • Color printer
  • Computer paper- you can also use cardstock if you want a more durable puzzle.


  1. Download and print out the free Disney printable. You’ll need one for each child.
  2. Cut the playing pieces out on the bottom of the page.
  3. You’re ready to play!

I hope you and your family enjoys this fun Jungle Cruise Sudoku printable for kids! It’s a great way to add some fun to your Disney movie night or entertain the kids with a little Disney magic at home any weekend!

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