Minnie & Mickey Snowman Craft

These Minnie and Mickey snowmen make an adorable holiday decoration that you can use as part of a table centerpiece, or on the mantel with your Christmas stockings. These cute Minnie and Mickey snowmen are easy to make at home with just a few materials. 

It’s easy to add a magical Disney touch to the Christmas holidays with this sweet Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse craft. You can DIY the perfect Walt Disney World feel in your own home with these cute sock snowmen.

Here are the tools and supplies that you will need to make your own Mickey and Minnie snowmen at home. 

How to Make Mickey & Minnie Snowmen



Fabric Pencils

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks



2 Bamboo skewers

White embroidery thread

2 White fluffy socks (<<Grab this pair for $2! No searching in stores.)

1/8 yard of red velvet material

¼ inch red ribbon

Small amount of Polyfill

½ inch red and white polka dot ribbon (optional)

13 small black beads

4 rubber bands

Scraps of orange craft foam

2 small neon green pom poms (optional)

4 tiny neon green pom poms (optional)

Snowman Craft Directions:

Working with one sock at a time fill each sock full, but not tightly packed with the polyfill. Take the rubber bands and section each sock into roughly 1/3 equal sections for your snowmen’s body. 

Pull up a ½ inch ball of sock and polyfill on each side of the toe of the sock and using your embroidery thread tie it tightly around the base of each ball. This will form Mickey and Minnie’s ears. 

Slide a bamboo skewer through the center of each sock, and trim the end to be even with the opening of your sock. Now tug the edges of the socks towards the skewer and hot glue it into place, closing your snowman up. 

Make a bow with the red ribbon and hot glue it in front of one of your snowmen’s ears, designating that one as Minnie. 

Take your red velvet material and cut a ½ inch wide section about 8 inches long. Fold the fabric rectangle in half longways and hot glue it like a scarf around the Mickey snowman. You can repeat this step for Minnie, or use the red and white polka dot material for her scarf, or choose no scarf for Minnie at all. 

If you would like, you can use the small and tiny neon green pom poms to make a Mickey shape on the end of the scarf. 

Make Minnie Mouse a skirt by taking the remaining red velvet and folding it in half. Draw a 5-inch diameter quarter circle with one end on your fold line. Draw a parallel 3-inch diameter quarter circle on the fold line about 3 inches from the first circle. Square off the end not on the fold line about 5 inches away from the fold line. 

Cut this rounded rectangular shape out of the material and hem the edges if necessary. Wrap this cut material around the middle and bottom balls of your Minnie snowwoman and hot glue it into place on the back. 

Cut two thin, tiny triangles out of your orange craft foam scraps. Hot glue the noses to your snowmen’s faces with the ends pointing off to one side. 

Add two black beads to each face above the carrot nose on each snowman. Place 3 beads under the nose of each snowman for a smile. Take the remaining 3 beads and place them down the front of your Mickey snowman for buttons. 

Now you have a pair of Mickey and Minnie holiday snowmen to display and enjoy as part of your holiday décor. If you loved this Disney Christmas craft, check out this super cute Mickey Reindeer Wreath for even more magical holiday fun!

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