Mickey Shamrock Wafer Cookies

St. Patrick’s day is coming up fast, and even if you can’t go to Walt Disney World to celebrate with Mickey and his friends this year, you can still celebrate this lucky holiday with these Mickey shamrock wafer cookies.

You don’t have to go all of the way to Disney to find some lucky green Irish treats. You can make some of your own treats to help you celebrate right at home.

These Mickey Shamrock Wafers are a bright green, and tasty way to celebrate the Irish in you. These Shamrock sugar cookies won’t take very long to make and they are sure to be a hit with Disney fans of all ages.

How do you know that these Mickey Shamrock Wafers are one of Mickey and pal’s favorite St. Patrick’s day treats? Because his face is on them, in green, of course!

If you are looking for a simple activity or treat to help your kids celebrate the St. Patrick’s day holiday with then these Mickey’s Shamrock Wafers are a good choice. They can help you to coat the sugar wafers in the yummy melted chocolate and add the green St. Patrick’s day sprinkles for decorations.

If you are having a St. Patrick’s day feast or party then these Mickey Shamrock wafers will look quite festive on your table. Here are the ingredients and directions that you will need to make Mickey’s Shamrock Wafers at home.

Mickey Shamrock Wafer Cookies


Vanilla sugar wafers
White melting chocolate
Green melting chocolate (if you can’t find green you can use food coloring)
St. Patrick’s day sprinkles
Pastry bag
Parchment lined baking sheet

Melt the green chocolate in the microwave by placing it in a microwave safe bowl and heating it in 30 second increments. Once the green chocolate is melted put it in your piping bag and make small Mickey Mouse heads on the parchment lined baking sheet. Leave them to dry.

Now melt the white chocolate in 30 second increments. Once melted, dip the vanilla sugar wafers about ¾ of the way into the chocolate. Use a spoon to get them well covered in chocolate.

Place a green Mickey head at the top of the cookie and then decorate with St. Patrick’s day sprinkles while the chocolate is still wet. Allow the chocolate to dry completely before serving.

These Mickey Shamrock Wafers are a fun, and festive St. Patrick’s day treat that your kids will love to make and eat! If you are having a St. Patrick’s day party or gathering then these Shamrock sugar cookies should have a place on your table.

They’d be perfect for a kid’s St. Patrick’s day class party, or take a plate of them into the office to share a little luck with your co-workers.

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