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Disney Pixar Turning Red Movie

Disney Pixar’s latest release is scheduled to be released this week and I have everything you need to know about the latest Disney movie! So get ready to pop some popcorn and plan a family movie night, Pixar Turning Red is one animated movie you’re not going to want to wait to see!

I’ve got all the answers to your burning questions about the movie and some free Turning Red printables that the kids will love and will totally take your mom status up a notch.

Where Can I Watch Turning Red?

Turning Red’s release date is Friday, March 11, 2022. The best part is that the new movie is being released as a regular Disney+ movie- meaning it won’t cost you extra to watch it. No premium release pricing for this Disney Plus movie.

That’s right! The newest movie from the Pixar studio is free with your Disney+ subscription.

If you don’t already have a Disney Plus subscription, it’s so worth the price and they recently announced there will be a new pricing tier with commercials (hello bathroom break!) coming later this year.

Official Turning Red Trailer

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the full Disney Pixar Turning Red trailer yet, make sure you do. It’s so much fun and will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from the movie.

Great music? Check.

Family relationships? Yep.

Supportive friends? Mm-hmmm.

Giant Red Panda? Wait, what…

Pixar Turning Red Movie

Turning Red Director

The movie is the first feature film directed by Domee Shi who is best known for the Pixar short, Bao. If you caught the emotional short (it debuted before Incredibles 2,) you can probably guess that Turning Red is also going to tug on your heart.

Produced by Lindsey Collins, Turning Red is a coming of age movie that your whole family will love. Younger kids won’t catch on to the themes they aren’t ready for and tweens will feel seen in the movie.

Turning Red Plot

Mei Lee (played by the voice of Rosalie Chiang) is the main character who is trying to navigate as a 13 year old girl and all the changes that take place around that time. They not only tackle body image, hormonal changes, and cultural differences, but normal family struggles between Mei and her mother, Ming Lee, voiced by Sandra Oh (you’ve got to love those Pixar moms).

The themes that are explored in this movie include new interests, changing identity, body acceptance, healthy friendships, and so much more that can be great talking points in your family.

Growing Pains

Menstruation, mood swings, and the changing body is addressed in the movie which is nice to see as a mom to adult two girls. I wish this movie was out when I was navigating puberty with my kids.

Normalizing this natural, but confusing, transition into adulthood is a nice thing to see addressed in a format that teens and their parents can watch together.

The changes Mei Mei is dealing with in middle school definitely will resonate with parents to preteens and teens.

Pixar Turning Red Diabetes

Another topic that’s causing a buzz is that one of the characters in the movie has a Medtronic insulin pump and a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) on her upper arm.

Showing a diabetic in a Disney movie is another great step for inclusion and showing that there are characters that look like us.

I know for our family it’s exciting to see Mei’s classmate representing the diabetic community and social media has been buzzing with excitement too.

Turning Red Characters

  • Rosalie Chiang as Meilin (Mei) Lee
  • Sandra Oh as Ming Lee, Mei’s Mother
  • Orion Lee as Jin Lee, Mei’s father
  • Wai Ching Ho as Mei’s grandmother
  • Lori Tan Chinn as Chen Lee, Mei’s aunt
  • Lillian Lim as Ping Lee, Mei’s aunt
  • Ava Morse as Miriam, one of Mei’s friends
  • Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Priya, one of Mei’s friends
  • Hyein Park as Abby, another of Mei’s friends
  • Tristan Allerick Chen as Tyler, Mei’s classmate
  • Addie Chandler as Devon, Mei’s secret crush
  • Sasha Roiz as Mr. Kielowski
  • Sherry Cola as Helen
  • Mia Tagano as Lily
  • Lily Sanfelipo as Stacy Frick
  • Jordan Fisher, Josh Levi, Topher Ngo, Finneas O’Connell, and Grayson Villanueva as boy band group, 4*Town 

Fun Movie Facts

  1. Billie Eillish & Finneas O’Connell wrote three new songs for the new Pixar movie that are performed by Mei’s favorite boy band, 4*Town.
  2. Turning Red is the first Pixar film to be solely directed by a woman
  3. This is Pixar’s first movie to take place in Canada.
  4. Mei is the second Asian lead character featured. The first was in the movie Up.
  5. The movie features a giant red panda, which is the national animal of China.
  6. Representing the diabetic community with a character that wears a diabetic device is a first as well.
Pixar Turning Red Activity Packet
Pixar Turning Red Activity Packet

Pixar Turning Red Family Activity Pack

Plan to watch the new flick from the same studio that brought us Soul & Luca in the comfort of your own home when it releases on March 11th.

And you’ll also want to print out these fun Turning Red activity sheets to keep everyone entertained.

Pixar Turning Red Activity Packet

The Turning Red printable PDF includes:

  • 3 coloring pages
  • 1 color by number
  • 2 spot the difference
  • 1 maze

Download the activity sheet set here.

Disney Pixar Turning Red is a movie that the whole family will enjoy. With great music, relatable characters, and messages that will resonate with tweens and teens, it’s a movie that is sure to be a classic.

Be sure to mark the release date on your calendar- March 11th, 2022! In the meantime, download the activity sheet set and enjoy some family fun.

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