Mickey Mouse Rope Basket

If you love all things Disney this Mickey Mouse rope basket is the perfect DIY Disney craft for you! A Mickey shaped basket makes the perfect weekend project to add a bit of Disney magic to your home décor.

You can use this cute, and simple to make basket on your dresser, in an entryway, or on your kitchen counter.

We can all use more spaces to keep track of smaller items like keys, hair ties, pens, and other items that we might grab before we head out the door every day.

Mickey Mouse Rope Basket by The Everyday Mouse

Why We Love This Mickey Rope Basket

This neutral colored basket would make a perfect handmade gift any time of year, and fits beautifully with any type of décor.

The Mickey Mouse shaped basket provides you with three different sections where you can store all types of small items to keep them together and organized, this is perfect for those smaller items that have a tendency to get lost.

Mickey Mouse Rope Basket by The Everyday Mouse

How to Make a Rope Basket

When it comes to crafts, there are always multiple ways to complete a project. This Mickey Mouse rope basket is one of those crafts that can be completed with different materials and still turn out adorable.

Make your own Disney rope basket easily with just a few items that you find at your local dollar store or craft store. Here are the art supplies that you will need to gather before you begin working on your Mickey Mouse baskets.


  • 8-10 feet of Nautical rope or boat rope- This should be a thick jute rope, not a thinner cotton rope.
  • Fiskar scissors or another craft brand pair of scissors
  • Hot glue gun and several hot glue sticks
  • Ruler or tape measure


Measure then cut one 6 foot piece of rope and two 12 inch pieces of jute rope. You’ll need at least 8 feet of nautical rope for each rope basket you plan to make.

Then put a line of hot glue on a small section of the 6 foot rope and roll or curl the rope around itself.

Slowly keep rolling the rope, adding some hot glue until you have rolled the entire 6 foot piece of jute rope.

Mickey Mouse Rope Basket by The Everyday Mouse

Next use the same process to roll both of the 12 inch pieces of rope to form Mickey’s ears.

Mickey Mouse Rope Basket by The Everyday Mouse

Once all three pieces are done, set the ears in the right place making sure the spacing looks right. Then use hot glue to attach the ears to the main section (Mickey’s head) and allow to dry.

Next we’re going to outline the Mickey shape by adding some hot glue to small sections of the rope and pressing the rope down to make edges.

Try not to work to far ahead because the hot glue will dry and won’t adhere to the rope.

Follow the Mickey shape adding the glue and rope all the way around. Once you have gone one time around repeat the process and add a new layer on top of the edging to make a tall side for your basket.

The rope should go around the shape 3 times. Don’t start the layers at the same spot each time or you’ll end up with a weak part of the basket that might be easy to spot.

Mickey Mouse Rope Basket by The Everyday Mouse

Once you have reached the end of the third layer, trim the end at an angle and glue it down.

Note: If you would like your rope basket to have higher sides, make sure to get extra rope and repeat the edge process until it looks how you like.

Mickey Mouse Rope Basket by The Everyday Mouse

Disney Basket Details

This Mickey Mouse basket may not be an appropriate craft for younger children due to the use of hot glue, but older children, with adult supervision, would probably enjoy making a basket of their own to keep or to give as a gift.

You may want to gather enough supplies to make several of these Mickey Mouse baskets since they are super cute, quite handy to have around the house, and make great gifts!

Can I Make a Different Size Rope Basket?

Yes! You can make a smaller or larger rope basket by using shorter or longer ropes. You’ll just need to adjust the amount of hot glue, the length of your rope and how many layers of rope for the sides accordingly.

Another way to customize your basket is to change what type of rope you use for your basket. Make a few different sizes with different types of rope for a fun set!

Mickey Mouse Rope Basket by The Everyday Mouse

Rope Basket Ideas

There are so many creative ways to use your new basket. Why not try one of theses?

  • Kid’s room- a special place for your little Disney fan to hold their tiny treasures.
  • Set it on the coffee table as a storage space for the remote control or your coasters.
  • Hang your woven rope basket on the wall with other baskets for a boho vibe.
  • Organize your desk with it’s nautical feel.
  • Fill it with coffee or tea accessories in your kitchen for a nice start to your day.
  • Put it in the half bathroom for toiletries or hand towels.
  • Use it as the coiled rope basket as a gift basket for out of town guests. Fill it with snacks and goodies to make their stay nicer.
  • Make a sweet Mickey rope basket to hold your baby’s changing supplies on their changing table.

There are so many unique ways you can use your new Disney home decoration!

Mickey Mouse Rope Basket by The Everyday Mouse

Now you have a cute Mickey Mouse rope basket or storage tray of your own to use around the house or to give as a gift.

If you would like more Disney crafts like this jute rope basket, check out all our Disney DIYs and start crafting!

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