Hi there Disney friends! Welcome to my Plan your Disney Trip series. This step-by-step guide will help you plan your dream Disney vacation. Each step is designed to help you eliminate planning stress and actually enjoy planning your Disney vacation.

Below you will find all the most helpful links and content that you need each step of planning. It’s my hope that pulling together all my best Disney info will make finding the details you need—quickly and easily.

Step 1: Book your vacay

Finding a time when your whole family can coordinate a trip to Orlando is one of the hardest parts of planning your WDW vacay. It seems like there’s a game, work obligation or meeting everywhere you look. I know it’s hard to plan time to get ahead on assignments and/or catch up after a family vacation.

Trust me, once you shuffle a few things around, I’m sure you’ll agree that making amazing memories together always wins.

Planning your trip around festivals and special events is a great way to experience something special or that’s offered for only a limited time. If this is your first trip, these are a great times to visit. If this isn’t your first trip or you enjoy a slower-paced trip, these special events are the perfect time to avoid for smaller the crowds.

Either way, take a look at Disney’s schedule so you can to plan the best time of year to visit for you.

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Trip Planning Steps

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