Tales of Magic and Adventure: Crafting Your Own Disney Coasters!

Bring a little bit of the beach into your home with these Disney coasters. They are the perfect way to celebrate your love of Mickey Mouse and remind you of past trips to Vero Beach or a Disney cruise with your family.

Mickey fans and lovers of the Disney film The Little Mermaid will love this simple and creative way to bring some Disney magic into your home.

They’re easy enough to make that you can create a set quickly or host a craft party for some friends who love creating and Walt Disney World too.

Mickey Mouse Coasters

These nautical Mickey Mouse coasters are a great way to not only a perfect decorative touch to keep rings off of the end tables and coffee tables, they are also a way to share your love of all things Disney through your home décor.

These Mickey Mouse shaped coasters look adorable, and they are also a dollar store craft. That means that you can pick up any craft supplies that you may not already have on hand, inexpensively at your local dollar store or craft store.

Disney Coasters by The Everyday Mouse

How to Make This Mickey Mouse Craft

Here are the supplies and directions that you will need to make a set of these adorable Mickey Mouse shaped coasters for yourself or a friend:


  • Nautical rope or cotton rope
  • Fiskars Scissors – You can use any brand of scissors that are sharp and reserved for crafting.
  • Bakers twine in multiple colors- You can also find colorful strings in the craft section. If you’re in a pinch, you can also use embroidery floss.
  • Ruler
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue gun sticks


Prepare the nautical rope by cutting one 24 inch piece and two 8 inch pieces for each coaster you want to make.

Next choose two colors of bakers twine for your Mickey Mouse coasters. Cut eight 6 inch pieces of each color.

Wrap the twine, alternating colors, around both the longer and shorter pieces of the nautical rope. You can wrap it tightly to make a solid color or loosely so that some of the cotton rope shows through.

Use a small dot of hot glue to keep the twine from unraveling.

Start rolling the rope around itself, adding glue to keep the rope secured. Keep rolling the rope until you run out and have a flat circle.

Once you have created the large section of the coaster, start rolling the ears the same way.

Before you attach the two ears, lay them out making sure they are spaced properly.

Using some hot glue, attach the ears to the top of the large Mickey face of the coaster. I like to attach one ear where the rope ends to hide it.

That’s all it takes!

Personalize Your Disney Coasters

The great thing about this DIY Disney craft is that you can customize the colors to match your home décor or any colors you prefer. Just switch out the twine colors and you have a new look.

You can even make different color coasters for your home so family members can easily tell which coaster belongs to each person.

Here are a few ideas for classic Disney character color combinations you might enjoy:

  • Minnie Mouse – red and black
  • Mickey Mouse – red and yellow
  • Daisy Duck – lavender and yellow
  • Donald Duck – blue and yellow
  • Goofy – green and orange

Princesses all have their special colors too, making it easy to customize coasters.

This particular craft might not be appropriate for younger children because of the need to use hot glue, but older kids could probably handle this project well.

Disney Coasters Ideas

You can have adorable Mickey Mouse coasters to place around your home. These mermaid coasters could also make a great homemade gift for the Disney lover in your life. Every time they set their drink on these simple to make coasters they will be reminded of you!

Next time you go on a Disney cruise, make these adorable nautical Mickey Mouse coasters as a fish extender gift. They are unique and inexpensive to make when you get your supplies at your local dollar store.


If you enjoy craft projects like this one then make sure that you check out all of our family-friendly Disney crafts, recipes, and activities.

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