Toy Story Alien Fingerprint Craft

Toy Story fans, get excited! Getting creative has never been more fun than with this easy to do Disney activity. Not only with your littlest Buzz Lightyear and Woody fans love making something fun, this Toy Story Alien fingerprint craft is extra special because it has your child’s unique fingerprint on it. What a fun way to look back at how little your kids were. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Disney’s Toy Story Alien Craft for Kids

“Ooooooh” a Disney craft! This fun Toy Story Pizza Planet inspired project is easy to pull together and only needs a few supplies you probably already have around your house. Just print out a copy of the printable pdf for each kiddo and set out alien green stamp pads.

Kids will love getting creative drawing silly alien faces and mom will love the little thumbprints. No two little green men are alike and they are too adorable for words. I’m sure your kiddos will love this out-this-world Disney Pixar art project!

How to Make a Toy Story Alien Drawing

With the free printable, Pizza Planet’s popular Toy Story Alien game is quick and easy to make. For this Disney activity, an older sibling or parent will need to help younger kids draw on the Toy Story Alien face and expression with a black sharpie.


  • Cardstock paper
  • Green ink stamp pads
  • Printer
  • Black marker


  1. Print the claw game pdf (above) on white cardstock.
  2. Use green ink pads to make fingerprints in the claw machine.
  3. Draw funny faces on the finger and thumbprints.
  4. Don’t forget the little green alien antennae
  5. Clean messy hands with baby wipes or a wet paper towel.

This simple Toy Story green alien craft is a fun little art project that is perfect to pair with my green alien popcorn recipe. It’s a sweet (white chocolate, anyone?) and salty snack that’s perfect for a Toy Story movie marathon!

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