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Sweet & Salty Olaf Winter Wonderland Snack Mix

Do you have a Frozen fan in your home? Olaf fans will love this snowman snack.  If you’ve ever wanted to build a snowman, then this Frozen winter wonderland snack mix snack mix is perfect! Whether you just need a cute afternoon snack in January or want Disney snacks while you watch Disney’s Frozen, Frozen 2, or even Olaf presents on Disney+. 

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This would also make a great holiday snack mix, but it‘s perfect for a winter sweet treat too. This would be a perfect snack to make together on a snow day to enjoy while staying warm by the fire. 

Who Is Olaf? 

Olaf is the magical snowman in the Disney Frozen movies. Elsa and Anna built their friend, Olaf, when they were little girls. 

Josh Gad, who plays Olaf, is no stranger to Disney movies. Not only is the voic of Olaf, he also starred in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast movie as LeFou. 

Olaf is hands-down (mittens down?) one of the funniest characters in the Frozen franchise with his child-like innocence and silly sayings.. 

What do I need to Make Olaf’s Snack Mix?

You don’t need a lot of special ingredients to make a batch of this Olaf snack mix at home. Store bought items like Rice Chex Cereal, snowflake shaped pretzels, white chocolate, winter sprinkle mix along with some mini marshmallows, and miniature chocolate chips make up this sweet and salty treat.

How do you Make Olaf’s Snack Mix? 

This recipe is super easy and you can easily have your kids in the kitchen to help you make it. The first thing that you need to do is to spread out the Chex Rice Cereal on a piece of wax paper. 

Melt your white chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl in 30-second increments. 

Once it is melted and smooth, use a spoon to drizzle the melted chocolate on the cereal. Sprinkle the wet chocolate with your blue sugar sprinkles for some extra pizazz. 

Leave the chocolate to harden on the rice Chex cereal. Get a big bowl and mix together the cereal, pretzels, sprinkles, miniature marshmallows, and miniature chocolate chips. That’s it, your Disney snack mix is ready to eat and share! 

Making Pretzel Snack Mix with Kids

Simple tasks like melting, drizzling, and mixing makes this homemade snack mix easy to help with and a fun activity for the kiddos.

It is certainly more colorful and fun than boring old store bought snack mix and your family will love this winter sweet. 

Frozen's Olaf winter wonderland snack mix for your Disney movie night


This winter snack mix would be perfect for a whimsical Christmas snack, or a Frozen-themed birthday party or as a snack bag to hand out to classmates. 

This winter wonderland snack mix is a great option. Whip up a batch or two and see those adorable smiles appear when you serve this adorable Disney snack!

Olaf’s Snack Mix

Olaf’s Snack Mix


  • Rice Chex
  • Snowflake Pretzels
  • White Chocolate
  • Winter Mix Sprinkles that include snowmen and snowflakes
  • Orange Sprinkles to represent his nose
  • Blue Sprinkles for pops of color (optional)
  • Blue Sugar Sprinkles (optional)
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Blue Sugar Sprinkles


  1. Lay out your Chex cereal on a piece of wax paper.
  2. Melt chocolate.
  3. Drizzle Chex with the chocolate.
  4. Add some blue sugar sprinkles for some extra Frozen magic. Let the chocolate harden.
  5. Combine Chex with other ingredients and mix it up.

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